It’s Not Your Grandma’s Wallpaper Anymore

October 19, 2015 Interior 0 Comments

One of the hot, hot trends in interiors right now is Wallpaper. It is not the wallpaper your Grandmother had in her sitting room. These new Wall-coverings come in a wide variety of textures, patterns and colours. Wallpaper has come into the 21st century. You can choose different types such as vinyl, linen, silk, velvet flocked, grass cloth and foil. Don’t be scared, wallpapers today are easy to strip. No longer will you be stuck when you want to freshen up your look, we can remove them quickly and easily without damaging your walls.

Understanding the intricacies of Wallpaper goes beyond colour and design. It is very important that the installer understands the product selected. We at Urban Strokes Painting & Décor have excellent experience with wallpaper installation. Our wallpaper installers are efficient, have an eagle eye for detail and you won’t even know we were there when we leave. We can take your wall from drab to fab and when you are ready to change it out for something fresh, we can remove it quickly and expertly without damage to your walls.

If you are ready to add style and interest to your décor, contact us for a quote today.